The Farm


How it all started

I have been farming for years now, but wanted to take it one step further. After all the frustration that comes with pests and the pressures to use chemicals when farming, I knew I wanted a clean and healthy alternative to farming that I could connect with. That’s when I found urban farming.

I was raised to know a very healthy lifestyle, so I decided to use the knowledge I had about health and combine it with farming, Sow & Harvest was born. Since then, I have loved finding the best and cleanest ways to grow some of the healthiest foods you can find, all while keeping the environment a equally priority. Growing and tending to plants is such a humbling and honest way to work. I hope you see the passion behind Sow & Harvest every time you receive your order.


Growing vertically allows for more crops in a smaller space, keeping the use of land low.



Indoor farming uses up to 95% less water than traditional farming methods.