What is your shipping policy?

We don’t necessarily ship our greens, we hand deliver them to your home! The address you provide to us under “delivery address” on your order form is where we will deliver them. We will only come by on your delivery day, between noon and 5pm, and will only leave your greens on your porch if you have placed your cooler or thermal bag outside for us. If the cooler is missing when we arrive, we will attempt to knock and see if someone is home, and if no one answers, we will contact you to schedule another delivery. Please feel free to contact us in the event you forgot to leave your cooler out, or would like to reschedule your delivery.

Is my credit card number safe here? How does my subscription, or weekly billing work?

Your card number is totally safe! We use Square to process all of our orders. Your card number is saved on Square. We will never see your card number other than the last 4 digits. and we charge your card as each order is delivered. This means your first week as a Sow and Harvest member, your card won’t be charged. Starting the second week, which is typically the first delivery week for new customers, as we drop your greens off we will manually charge your card through Square for the amount due for the greens you ordered. If you choose to cancel your membership, the charges and deliveries will stop one week after cancellation.

How do I change my order, or update my contact, delivery or card information?

Fill out our Edit Your Order form here. Treat this form like a brand new order form, and include all of the greens you would like to receive, along with correct contact, delivery and card information. If you have changed your order, please allow a 2 week growing period for your new varieties of greens. During these 2 weeks you will continue to receive your previous or original order, but as soon as the new order is grown, it will be delivered weekly until your order is changed again or canceled.

I’m going out of town / something happened and I won’t be home for my delivery. What do I do?

Just contact us (preferably two weeks in advance, but any notice is better than none!) to let us know and we can easily reschedule your delivery!

Are your microgreens organic? Non-gmo?

Yes! Matt goes the extra mile to ensure we are growing the most natural, healthiest Microgreens possible. We source both our seeds and soil from organic vendors who follow practices we approve of. We have a Naturally Grown certification as well!

Can I order your Microgreens for my restaurant or store?

Absolutely! We love working with local chefs and businesses and are happy to provide your restaurant or store with our Microgreens. Please contact us and we will set up a time to meet!

Can I make a one time purchase?

Yes! Please Contact us for a one-time purchase.

Are your containers recyclable?

Yes, we source our containers from a certified compostable company, meaning they are guaranteed to break down in 2-3 months in industrial facilities. They meet the most stringent scientific requirements for biodegradability and compostability. Read more about Worldcentric containers here.

I need to cancel my order. What’s the process?

Simply fill out our Cancel Order Form here. Following your cancellation, you will not receive any more deliveries and all of your information will be removed from our systems until you order again.

Any other questions?

We appreciate your curiosity and would love to answer any questions you have about our company. Please contact us for any other questions you have!