From our farm to your door in 24 hours


Freshness plays a big part in how a vegetable holds it’s nutrients. Nutrients begin to break down right after harvest, so every day your vegetables spend traveling from the farm to the grocery store and then on the shelf before use- they are losing nutrients. Our customers get their microgreens within hours of harvest, and they already contain 4-40x more nutrients than mature vegetables, since all the nutrients from the plant are compacted into one tiny sprout!


Our greens are supper fresh. Avoiding all the crap thats in preservatives, these are fresh with no health risk.

Making sure that our customers are not exposed to harmful chemicals, our farm uses no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. We are an indoor farm protected from any outdoor pollutants, and all of our microgreens are from organic seeds, grown in individual trays with organic soil.


We have carefully chosen a brand of packaging that is recyclable and compostable at industrial composting facilities! We encourage you to dispose of your packaging in a way that benefits the environment.

We use organic seeds and organic soil. Stuff is good and yummmyyyy:)