Blueberry, Raspberry & Microgreen Smoothie

1 cup blueberries

1 cup raspberries

1 cup ice if using fresh berries

1 cup any milk or other liquid

1/4 cup microgreens of your choice (sunflower, pea or broccoli would be good!)

1 Tbs. honey, if desired

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 4.53.55 PM.png


Add the liquid base of milk, water, or other preferred liquid. With the liquid as the bottom layer, this allows the blender to easily pull down the top layers. 

Add the honey and vanilla extract immediately after the liquid base.

Bring on the microgreens. Keeping the microgreens at the bottom of the blender is a smart way to make sure they are blended well. 

Following this step, drop in the blueberries and raspberries.

Finally, top off the blender with the ice. The weight of the heavier top layers will help push the ingredients down towards the base.

Blend until desired consistency and serve.